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Consultants who understand business needs and the opportunities that technology provides.

«Technology has to serve business and support it in reaching its goals. The years of management experience that our consultants possess is linked to the training they have received - it ensures that they ask the right questions. If you really want to find the right solutions, you have to have a firm grasp of what the problems are and of what's at stake.»

Jean Paul Aubin,

M.Sc.A. President, M&T Performance

The professionals at M&T Performance have years of experience as well as up-to-date knowledge of developments in Management and Information Technology. Our success is largely due to staying oriented to tangible benefits and to keeping management involvement in projects. As well, we have developed a network of professionals who can support us in finding the best possible solution for our clientele. Among our principal consultants are:

Jean Paul Aubin,

Founder and president A management and technology consultant since 1973, Jean Paul Aubin founded M&T Performance in 1992. His down-to-earth approach to problems has greatly influenced the way M&T Performance carries out its various mandates in small, medium and big business. He has been responsible for steering projects in strategic planning, process re-engineering and architecture and implantation at various levels. Mr Aubin holds a Master's degree in Management Information Systems (M.Sc.A.).

Dani Cotnoir,

Senior advisor Dani Cotnoir works on consultation and training dossiers for the Manufacturers division. He has more than 22 years experience in technology management, several of these being in the area of distributed data processing and telecommunications for a large international information firm. For several years he was director of technical personnel and was responsible for development and support for hardware, software and telecommunications.

Alain Denis,

Project Leader Alain Denis is responsible for the implementation of Finance Pro+ in the manufacturing division. He has over 12 years experience in information technology.

François Dubé, business development

François Dubé acts as an advisor in business solution for the M&T Performance Group. He has over 20 years of experience in the deployment of IT solutions and account management with Small, Medium and Large enterprises. Mr. Dubé is recognized for his ability to establish a very accurate diagnosis and for his strategic thinking which his reflected by the performing solutions that follow. Mr. Dubé graduated in Computer Management  from  l’École des H.É.C., University of Montreal.

Jean Fahmy, senior consultant

Jean Fahmy is an exceptional project manager who has led many successful Web strategies implementations for companies established in several sectors of activities. He chaired various organizations involved in technological innovation and taught courses on Technology Entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and master’s degree at the Polytechnic of Montreal. Mr. Fahmy has a degree in Computer Engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.

Denis Morissette, M. Ed., coach and therapist

Coach, therapist, counselor and guest lecturer in many countries, Denis Morissette is responsible for human resources interventions. His approach is articulated and practical toward the extraordinary challenges of human relations that are part of our daily life. He’s a man passionate about the theme of life and the many questions it raises. He worked for over 25 years  at the development of people and at the establishment of effective teams in learning organizations. Mr. Morissette holds a Master degree in Psychoeducation from the Sherbrooke University.

Leslie Muirhead, coach and trainer

Leslie Muirhead is an exceptionally dynamic speaker and is responsible for training workshop on sales and customer service. His approach is directly oriented towards the findings of causes that are in the way of fully achieving goals and means to achieve them.  Mr. Muirhead was director of major accounts in the telecommunication industry and also acts as a coach with several leaders.

Paul-André Philibert,

Senior advisor Paul-André Philibert is in charge of consultation and training dossiers for the Pharmaceutical division. He has over 20 years experience in information technology. He holds a Master's degree in operational research.

Yves Martin,

Senior advisor, president Expert-conseil PME inc. Yves Martin has worked since 1986 with SMBs as quality control manager, production and human resources director and factory manager, prior to becoming a consultant in production and operations improvement. Mr Martin is an applications specialist for manufacturing SMBs for Lean Manufacturing projects (JIT, Kanban, SMED, 5S, TDC, Poka-Yoké, Takt time, TRG, Mudas, …). Mr Martin is an engineer and holds a MBA degree.