Agility - Optimization - Personnalization
Performance in Management & Technology

Key to Success

Consultants who understand business needs and the opportunities that technology provides.

«Technology has to serve business and support it in reaching its goals. The years of management experience that our consultants possess is linked to the training they have received - it ensures that they ask the right questions. If you really want to find the right solutions, you have to have a firm grasp of what the problems are and of what's at stake.»

Jean Paul Aubin,

M.Sc.A. President, M&T Performance


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Performance M&T

M&T Performance was established in 1992 by Jean Paul Aubin, M.Sc.A. His practical approach to problem-solving and his customer orientation have characterised the firm from the outset. The Group has successfully executed a variety of management and technology mandates especially for SMB manufacturers. This is a complex and demanding niche market … and it is still central to M&T Performance.

M&T Performance improves performance and increases business results of SMBs by using powerful and efficient management and technology tools. At M&T Performance, we create win-win partnerships with our clients by becoming part of their team. Senior management lays out its goals and our mandate is to succeed in reaching them. This approach allows us to take into account each business's particular culture and environment. We then lever these goals so that the group can outdo itself. This kind of exercise is stimulating for everyone and ensures that everyone buys into the proposed solution.

All of our advisors have years of experience covering the whole range of consulting and project management. Their dynamic, client-oriented style focuses on results and the "roll-up-your-sleeves" approach generates enthusiasm and pride in the project groups that they work with. Over the years, they have developed a sixth sense which allows them to ferret out problem areas and put effective solutions in place.



M&T Performance establishes ERP and CRM solutions personalized to your needs in order to optimize your performance and to bring you to be agile. Thus, you will precede your competitors.

M&T Performance favours partnership with its clients based on a win-win approach in which technology supports the strategies put forward by the business as it strives for success.


Management & Technologies

M&T Performance offers management services to help businesses plan and organise in order to succeed: strategic planning, coaching, process re-engineering, organisational change and reorganisation.

M&T Performance has developed expertise and has succeeded in attracting partners in order to offer superior quality technology services : systems architecture, development, training. M&T Performance is also owner of the Finance Pro+ integrated ERP software for the SMB manufacturing sector. As well, M&T Performance is a certified partner with Microsoft CRM solutions.


Our Values

Our prime motivator is success. Three fundamental values form the basis for the choices that we make and the strategies that we adopt: passion, excellence and integrity. On these three fundamental values we build the three characteristics that set us apart:


Benefits for our customers
Customer confidence in the quality of our products and services
Dedicated to customer growth.


Stimulated by the success of projects entrusted to us.
Involved in achieving results for our customers, partners and employees.
Enthusiastic about teamwork


On the leading edge of methods for management and technology
Opportunities for everyone to succeed in new areas: a larger choice for our customers, new products, integration