Practical training for real-life problems.

We help our clients' employees succeed in their own environment, solving their own problems, using approaches they can apply in their day-to-day life.

«The needs are real. The technology exists. The staff want to succeed. The training that comes from our instructors allows each employee to take ownership of the solutions which best respond to the problems that he or she confronts. Our teaching methods (in-house training, courses, coaching) are designed with the main goal of improving employee qualifications so that they can meet the challenges that face them.»
conseil- Jean Paul Aubin, M.Sc.A.
President, M&T Performance

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One of the key factors in the success of M&T Performance is that it helps its clients become independent and take ownership of the solutions to their business problems.

We have been involved in a number of training programs, whether it be on the corporate, business unit, team or individual level. Our down-to-earth approach has proved effective. Examples and case studies are taken from the daily, real-life problems that our clients have to face. The staff can quickly identify with these situations and apply the theory that they have learned to their particular case.

Our training programs induce people to apply the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to their environment in order to achieve impressive performance benefits. Every situation has a constraint that prevents us from getting the most from whatever action we take. When employees can identify the constraint, they can effectively apply the solution that they have learned and thus obtain amazing results.


Standard Courses
  1. Strategic planning : From strategy to results
  2. Balanced ScoreCard
  3. Efficient management for SME 
  4. How to Survive and overcome through innovation
  5. The essentials in communication : Better communication, a key for a better performance 
  6. Leadership
Sales and Customer service
  1. Strategy and CRM
  2. Strategic Marketing 
  3. Positioning and Identity
  4. Web strategy
Operations Management
  1. Process reengineering 
  2. Projects management
  3. Production optimization 
Human Resources
  1. The tyranny of time : How to get the best out of the 24 hours of your day 
  2. The human zoo : How to ensure a harmonius working atmosphere despite the difficult personalities
  3. The effervescence of life : How to manage stress, tension and frustration and avoid burnout 
  4. Passion or reason : How to effectively deal with our emotions and those of others 
  5. Team work 
  6. Negociation
  7. Develop your emotional intelligence
  8. Relationship management and human resources
  9. Planning and managing for the next generation 






Finance Pro+
  1. Introduction to Finance Pro+
Training Financial Modules
  1. Finance Pro+ Manager's Dashboard
  2. Finance Pro+ General Ledger
  3. Finance Pro+ Accounts Receivable
  4. Finance Pro+ Accounts Payable
Training Operational Management Modules
  1. Finance Pro+ Inventory
  2. Finance Pro+ Purchasing
  3. Finance Pro+ Production
  4. Finance Pro+ Cost Accounting
  5. Finance Pro+ Project Management
  6. Finance Pro+ Maintenance
Training Customer Service Modules
  1. Finance Pro+ Invoicing
  2. Finance Pro+ CRM Solution
  3. Finance Pro+ E-Commerce
  4. Finance Pro+ EDI
Training Human Resources Modules
  1. Finance Pro+ Payroll
  2. Finance Pro+ Human Resources
Other Training
  1. Finance Pro+ Security
  2. Accessing Finance Pro+ using a report generator
  3. Accessing Finance Pro+ using Excel