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« Immediate access to information helps us to make more enlightened decisions in the heat of battle. The possibility of pulling data into Excel and of doing all the what-ifs I want is an important feature that I use on a regular basis. I don't have to call in a specialist to do my analyses. I can even access them directly from home or remotely when I'm out of the country. Since we began using Finance Pro+ we have improved our operations and we're able to respond to the needs of our partners faster … This lets us work on value-adds … The service is excellent … Over the years, the system has been adapted to our needs and is very flexible.»
- Jean Bourque
Cuscini Design Inc.


erpMuch more than accounting software, Finance Pro+ is an analytical tool that helps managers succeed.

Based on new management principles, Finance Pro+ is management software for manufacturing and service businesses. Business processes have been integrated into the software allowing a considerable performance increase. Finance Pro+ is made up of 17 modules, uses a relational database system and is available in French, English and Spanish.


module Payroll Human Resources Account Receivables Account Payables Inventory Invoicing EDI General Ledger Security Purchasing Production Costing Balanced Scorecard Projects Maintenance API Interface E-Commerce CRM

Finance Pro+ allows you to import financial information at management level.

Manager can access their general ledger accounts and generate their own budget reports. The segmented Chart of Accounts allows for multi-dimensional data analysis (by region, product family, equipment, workgroup, department) entirely on line. No more end-of-month excuses … you're driving success in real time.

  • Access real-time financial information for your financial commitments (purchase orders), accrual expenses and posted expenses.
  • Allow computer-based management of financial commitments with availability and approvals.
  • Finance Pro+ gives managers more independence in their decision making. This financial system is geared for managers, not accountants.
  • It ensures that senior management has a better control of the financial health of the business: On-line financial statements, delegation of authority by budget with approvals based on level-of-authority.
  • It improves the level of functionality of the accounting system: on-line integration, entries automatically assigned, repeating entries, boiler-plate entries, bank reconciliation.
  • It supports business growth with world-class management tools: management by project, multi-factory, balanced scorecard for managers, activity-based management.