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erpFinance Pro+ Accounts Payable improves performance by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up personnel for value adds.

One of the most important aspects of managing company finances is money management. In order to determine what your needs are and when they are likely to arise, you need precise knowledge of your financial situation. This is where the Finance Pro+ Accounts Payable module comes into play. It allows you to control the outflow of funds by taking advantage of the best payment options that your suppliers give you.

Close ties to the Purchasing module eliminate data re-entry. Purchasing creates the commitment; receiving creates the accrruals and entering the supplier invoice finalises the expense. The supplier record contains, as well as all the basic information, statistics on purchasing history, your average payment time and the highest credit limit reached. The accounts journal keeps information on terms and discounts, on deadlines and on any payments withheld. Further, the system also allows you to set up schedules for payment over time.

The queries display all documentation associated with the transaction (e.g., invoice, discounts obtained, products purchased, and any associated notes.)

The Accounts Payable module supports an unlimited number of foreign currencies and allows you to use several currencies in the same transaction. Profits and losses on the currency exchange are automatically written into the appropriate account! As well, the module supports an unlimited number of bank accounts and special journals.

Integration with your bank speeds up reconciliation.

Chequeing can be automated. The module also lets you reconcile cheques in circulation. And if you have made arrangements with your bank, you can also automatically reconcile deposited cheques. Bank transfers may also be automated if your bank so permits. The module even supports post-dated cheque.


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