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erpFinance Pro+ Payroll module speeds up payroll processing.

Payroll operations take up a lot of time and require numerous calculations: wage increases, changes in tax brackets, vacation pay, departures, etc. For all these reasons, the Finance Pro+ Payroll module can make your job easier by keeping track of employee information, cumulatives and employer deductions. The idea is to simplify things. You enter only the changes and exceptions; Finance Pro+ handles all of your regular fixed wage salaries. The module can also be interfaced to an electronic time punch for factory use.

Once the transactions are entered, all of the calculations are carried out automatically; the operator can intervene, however, at any moment to change the results and manage exceptions. The system keeps track of all cumulative information such as vacation pay, record of employment, deductions and monthly reports. The Finance Pro+ Payroll even generates annual reports, Releve-1 and T4 slips in both traditional paper and electronic formats. It is also recognised by both federal and provincial governments for electronic data transfer. As well, it handles all of the features required by the Quebec construction industry.

You can set up multiple logs to accumulate information or to automate calculation of wages and deductions.

You can set up multiple logs and counters to help you apply the various rules which govern your contracts with your employees. A complete transaction history lets you produce various reports to help with personnel management. As well, the Payroll module is integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Project Management, Costing and Human Resources. It will also handle direct deposit and other bank transfers. Finance Pro+ also interfaces with ROELaser and ROE-WEB software from Human Resources Development Canada to produce Record of Employment forms, whether one at a time or in batch for large-scale layoffs.



Employers, Employees
Tax tables, CSST, CNT
Construction Payroll CCQ
Unions, Trade codes
Wage progress
Income, Deductions
Meters, Absentee codes


Time sheet
Payroll calendar
Payroll transactions
Bulk transactions
Payroll journal and register
Direct deposit
Report on pay presence


Register, Journal
Report on presence/absence
Accumulated vacation
Monthly CCQ report
Record of employment
Electronic record of employment

End of year

Releve-1: paper and electronic
T4, T4A: paper and electronic
Annual report for CSST and CNT