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erpThe Finance Pro+ Dashboard lets managers see trends so that they can make adjustments to meet objectives.

Access to strategic business data is often problematic. In fact, data gathered by information systems is usually difficult for managers to manipulate: either there is too much data and it is directed to operations control rather than to strategy, or the data that is necessary and useful for decision-making is just not there, because the system tries to be one-size-fits-all.

The Finance Pro+ Dashboard allows each manager to define the performance indicators that he or she wants. The system keeps track of various levels of detail and lets you access them using the Drill-Down principle in order to find problem areas.

The data contained in Finance Pro+ are transformed into factual historical information and, from this, the manager can measure performance either by sector or for the business overall. The impact of decisions made following strategic objectives can be verified over time, and trends analysis can lead upper management to reevaluate strategy quickly. The information that Finance Pro+ keeps on hand thus become a plus value for decision making.

The Dashboard module, along with the Access Security module, gives managers the chance to access all the elements they want, in various numeric and graphics formats, without bypassing data confidentiality. Users can even regulate alarm levels so that the system can warn them of abnormal situations.



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