Module Maintenance

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Finance Pro+ Maintenance allows for better management of your assets to help you move from reactive mode to a continuous improvement mode. Because we know that you are concerned with maintaining your equipment before they break, but best of all to insure that they won’t break.

The Maintenance module in Finance Pro + tracks all maintenance efforts made on your equipment, both preventive and curative. Fully integrated with the other modules within Finance Pro +, the module now supports all operations to ensure better decision making in the maintenance of your equipments.
All maintenance activities are being supported by the Maintenance Module:

  • Better maintenance management of your Activities (increased MTBF, MTTR reduction)
  • Systematic analysis of maintenance requirements at each station
  • Analysis of workload and impact on production maintenance
  • Asset management, definition of equipments
  • Internal and external resources management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Curative management Maintenance
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Work Orders Management
  • Management of parts inventory
  • Management of requisitions and purchases
  • Maintenance costs Management
  • Statistics