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erpFinance Pro+ Purchasing improves profitability by integrating the purchasing cycle and giving you all necessary information to reduce your cost of supply.

The challenge in purchasing is to order at the best possible price/quality ratio, at the best possible time, in order to keep inventory as low as possible without running out. Thanks to the Finance Pro+ Purchasing module, when inventory drops below a minimum level, or when a customer order cannot be filled, or when a production order is signed, a purchasing suggestion is immediately generated so that you can react quickly.

The whole purchasing cycle is handled by the system: the call for requisitions, authorization by authority level, requests for quotes and tenders, the PO slip and the Receiving slip. On input of the Purchase Orders, all entries are posted to the General Ledger. There is a cross check done to the budget and if the budget is already used up, an authorization is required before the order is accepted. No more surprises after the fact!

The system keeps a history of orders by item and automatically calculates the average mean cost as items are received. In this way, the buyer has on hand all the necessary information for re-ordering.

As goods are received, the user has only to open the Purchase Order on-screen and enter the quantities received. Similarly, when entering suppliers' invoices, the Purchase Order, complete with quantities received, allows for a complete verification and control over the supplier's bill. As well, you can use the "Reverse-Billing" feature to automatically generate the supplier's invoice based on goods received.

All information relating to purchasing is available throughout the system (where access rights permit), letting you get the most out of your inventory through a better exchange of information among your business users.


Discounts by supplier
Order Addresses


Quotes and tenders
Comparative quote report
Requisition authorization
Purchase suggestions
Purchase orders
Blanket purchase orders
Reminder of late orders
Materials receiving schedule
Goods receiving
Supplier Invoice



Orders by requisition
Purchase orders
Purchase order detail
Price evaluation


By supplier, item, distribution code
Major price variations
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