Agility - Optimization - Personnalization
Performance in Management & Technology

erpOffer services which your competitors are not able to apply and establish relationships with your customers as you had never do before.

E-Commerce Performance M&T solutions are online management tools of trade completely adapted to your needs. More and more enterprise open a window on the Web in order to discover new business opportunities which do not have limit. Secure, effective and especially centralized in order to make work completely automated and easier than ever.

By using last technologies available and by creating for the user an easy and secure experiment, you easily offer a world window manageable since your registered office.

Our numerous caracteristics :

  • Online store;
  • Shopping cart ;
  • Shipping and delievery ;
  • Store management;
  • Price and special offer management;
  • Customers managment;
  • Item management ;
  • Language management;
  • Credit card integration ; 
  • Taxes and currency support;
  • More...

Increase your income

  • New commercialization canal
  • Improved service

Mistake elimination

  • Obligatory field information
  • Electronic script: no more hand writting
  • No more paper order

Work automation

  • Special offer sending or email order confirmation (mailing list)
  • Online customer service
  • E-commerce integrated with your accounting system

Diminish your cost

  • Work with an optimize sales effective and customer service
  • Cost reduction for customer service and sales