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erpFinance Pro+ Costing analyses cost variance and shows where to make corrections.

If you want to ensure that the production process rolls along smoothly, you must have precise product definition. Finance Pro+ Costing contains a product configurator which describes in complete detail both the make-up and the manufacturing process of a product.

  • Materials components (purchased or sub-products)
  • Shop-floor routing
  • Required equipment
  • Required labour
  • Required sub-contracting
  • Required tools

Beginning from production start-up for each batch, Finance Pro+ Costing calculates the direct costs and the general fixed manufacturing charges along with variables in order to reveal the standard cost of the product. You can add mark-up to calculate the selling price. Features such as Copying and Version Tracking make for easier data entry. Finance Pro+ Costing allows for multi-level configuration with an unlimited number of BOM levels. Searches based on a number of different keys let you know where various components are used.

Real resource use allows you to evaluate how precise your standards are.

Completely integrated with Manufacturing, Purchasing, Inventory and Payroll, the Finance Pro+ Costing module compares real cost with the standards on file in the configurator in order to analyse variance in dollars, quantities and waste. Analysis may be carried out:

  • By product
  • By equipment
  • By labour
  • By component
  • By sub-contractor


Mark-up codes


Product configurator
Bill of Materials
Configuration copy
Mass costing calculations



Product configuration
- Summary
- Detail
Component use
Resource use
Standard costing report

Cost variance analysis

By product
By date
By equipment
By labour
By component
By sub-contractor