Human Resources

Agility - Optimization - Personnalization
Performance in Management & Technology

erpThe Finance Pro+ Human Resources module points up the strengths and weaknesses of your Human Resources in a hurry.

It seems that everything involving Human Resources takes up a lot of time and requires an enormous amount of documentation. Applying the collective agreement, rotating personnel, opening up new positions, evaluating the impact of new technology, managing training programs, and government regulations: all of these are hoops that the Human Resources manager has to jump through.

The Finance Pro+ Human Resources module frees up the Human Resources manager to concentrate on those aspects of his or her job which will attract, develop and retain personnel while Finance Pro+ handles the repetitive tasks. All sectors are integrated, thus allowing you to rapidly identify those projects which need priority treatment in order that your personnel can function as a strategic weapon against the competition.

  • Organisation Management

  • Skill and competency Management

  • Recruitment

  • Personnel Files

  • Training Management (the 1% law)

  • Absenteeism Management

  • Salary Management

  • Performance Management

  • Health and Safety

The Human Resources module is completely integrated with the Finance Pro+ Payroll so that all information that is processed is automatically transferred, saving time and eliminating mistakes.


Organisation management

Organisation trees
Skills and competence
Skills definition
Job openings

Personnel files

Training management

Training plans
Training plan analysis

Salary Management

Employee codes, Wages,
Wage history
Wage progress

Performance Management

Definition of criteria
Evaluation processes

Health and Safety