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erpFinance Pro+ Invoicing improves customer service by making you proactive rather than reactive.

These days, when competition is more and more cut-throat and client expectations are higher than ever, it is absolutely necessary to carry out an effective follow-up to any operations that relate to customer service. The Finance Pro+ Invoicing module makes your life easier by integrating everything that relates to the client, from whatever part of your business: sales, marketing, purchasing, production. By supplying you with up to date information, Finance Pro+ helps you increase your quality of service and ensures an efficient management of all of your sales cycles.

Finance Pro+ Invoicing keeps track of 2 promised dates per order line and of any reasons for delay. A shipping calendar which foresees delays helps you keep the promises you made to your client.

Finance Pro+ Invoicing identifies profitable markets and allows you to make the right decisions.

Statistical reports showing profitability by client, by sales person, product, product category and suppliers let you analyse problem sectors. The sales by-period reports sorted by best client gives you a handle on vital information when the time comes to make decisions.

Whether it's about controlling credit limits, analysing profitable product lines or sales rep performance, the Invoicing module has everything you need to support your decisions. The module is integrated with Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, Production Management and Project Management, allowing you to get precise, timely information on any situation. You can figure out the profitability of every order and react quickly if need be.



Standard price Lists

Price list by Client/Group
Discounts by Supplier


Shipping calendar
Order list by Client
Order list by Item
Stock allocations to orders
Delivery Slip
Delivery confirmation
Credit memos




Value on order
Value in quotes
Sales analysis
Weekly Sales analysis