Finance Pro CRM Solution

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erpWith a fully integrated CRM solution, you can offer a world-class customer service and reduce the costs of your sales activities and significantly increase the performance of your sales team.

"The integration of the CRM module with Finance Pro+ allows our customers to optimize their sales process, propose a better quality service while improving their decision-making. The Finance Pro+ CRM module is user-friendly, flexible and fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook."
- Jean Paul Aubin, M.Sc.A.
President, M&T Performance

We have designed our CRM solution to meet the sales management challenges, taking into account that our customers evolve. Whether it's for a small sales team or a large-scale team of representatives and a full-blown customer service department, Finance Pro ® CRM adapts extremely well and gives businesses new opportunities.

  • Do you want to manage the sales bottleneck?
  • Having trouble maintaining/growing your sales in a stagnant market?
  • Want to be market leaders and leave the competition behind?
  • Want to make your customers an offer they can't refuse?

At M&T Performance we believe that success is based on three things: an excellent business that understands marketplace reality; a solid strategy of constraints management; and personnel supported by tools that can adapt to the particularities of the situation.

We have developed expertise that understands the market.

  • Over the past 30 years, our personnel have developed outstanding expertise, both domestically and internationally.
  • We have helped some of our clients become recognised world leaders in their fields

How to respond to a stagnant market: make them an offer they can't refuse.

  • If you're running into sales constraints, our team can help you put together an offer that your customers can't refuse.
  • Based on applying the Theory of Constraints (TOC), we have developed methods which allow you to discover the keys which will unlock the doors to the market. Some of our clients have improved sales ten times over thanks to this method.

Make your team more effective with Finance Pro ® CRM.

  • Finance Pro ┬« CRM lets you optimise your sales and shrink your sales cycle while, at the same time, improving your offers, thanks to high-performance management of leads, opportunities and orders and thanks to sales procedures and automatic write-up of specifications. Access to a shared knowledge base and automatic routing and queuing allows you to perform more effective direct customer service and helps you make quick, well-documented decisions. Exhaustive statistics reports are the indispensable tool for forecasting sales, evaluating activities and sales and service performance and success, and for identifying trends, problems and opportunities.
  • Finance Pro ┬« CRM is fully integrated with Outlook. Contacts and sales activities can be synchronized with Outlook (emails, meetings, tasks, ...) directly from Finance Pro+. The tight integration of features in the Sales and Customer Service modules makes it easy to see, update and share information among teams and department.