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erpFinance Pro+ Access Security makes it easier to manage access to features and to information by letting you assign rights to "roles".

Access to precise, timely information is vitally important to any information system. However, data confidentiality must be ensured by controlling access. The Finance Pro+ Access Security module ensures this confidentiality by letting you define user and group profiles.

Based on the X.500 standard, the Access Security module lets you store various information according to a hierarchical system that you control. It is thus possible for you to define each user or group according to business structure, according to processes or even according to module use.

The user profile makes you aware of the different kinds of data which the user may access (e.g., applications, general ledger accounts, etc.) and the kind of access that is permitted. Read-only access allows the user to access the object without being able to change any information. Write-access opens up all rights to the object. Supervisor access opens all rights to the object as well as allowing the "supervisor" to give rights to other users.

Among the rights that you may define are: access to various features of Finance Pro+ as well as segments of the Chart of Accounts to which the user has rights. As well, you can add criteria according to time slots.

The Access Security module also handles the various levels of authorization for purchasing as well as the maximum amounts for requisitions.

To facilitate management, Finance Pro+ Access Security allows you to define four object types: Containers (the organisation's hierarchical structure), Roles, User Groups and Users. Using the "inheritance" principal, users "inherit" rights specified by the containers on which they depend, the roles they perform or the groups to which they belong. The Access Security module provides all the necessary flexibility to manage security efficiently and thoroughly.


Business structure by levels of authority
Set-up of organisational containers (divisions, departments, etc.)
Define user groups
Define user roles
Define users
Define objects
Finance Pro+ System features
Access types: read-only, write, supervisor
Access by segment of Chart of Accounts
Set-up of access times
Maximum authorization level for purchasing



Container directory
Object directory
User directory
Group directory
Role directory