EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

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erpFinance Pro+ EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) computerizes your entire supply chain by automatically receiving and transmitting orders, invoices, payments and inventory transactions to your customers and suppliers.

Finance Pro+ EDI Module enables information exchange with your customers and your logistic partners. Fully integrated with the Invoicing, Receivables, Purchasing and Inventoty modules, it accelerates the process of large volume of transactions while assuring a better quality of the information.

The full Supply Chain activities are electronically supported by the Finance Pro+ EDI Module:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Advanced Shipping Notice
  • Invoices
  • Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Payments
  • Management of Lots by Products with Expiration Dates and Quanrantine Control

Both FTP and AS2 protocols are supported. A tighten data validation assures a better quality of information without having to manually enter it. Equivalence tables for customer and product codes enables an effortless integration with your partners' systems.