General Ledger

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erpThe Finance Pro+ General Ledger lets you manage success, not excuses!

On-line and totally integrated with the other modules, the General Ledger lets you analyse your business results whenever you wish or need to do so. "On-line" means that the details of each and every transaction go into the General Ledger as soon as it is accepted. The Finance Pro+ General Ledger module lets you see business situations exactly as they are, at any time. You can spot problems before it's too late. You no longer have to wait until the end-of-month.

Thanks to the Finance Pro+ statement generator, you can define your own management reports and financial statements such as: original budgets, revised budgets, flexible budgets, commitments. Comparatives may be year-to-year, quarter-to-quarter, period-to-period, summary or detailed, by department or by project and may include calculations, formatting, etc. These choices are at your fingertips -- no programming required. As well, you can define as many of them as you want!

The chart of accounts is designed to help managers find information to increase productivity.

The chart of accounts may be divided into twelve segments up to a total of 64 alphanumerical characters. Access rights may be defined by segment, allowing you to decentralise the responsibilities for managers. Non-monetary information (e.g., production quantities, hours worked, etc.) can be kept in the system so that you can produce management reports complete with ratios and comparisons. Account queries let you see the transaction trail. In the case of an account affected by a purchase, for example, you can see the supplier's bill, the discounts and the products that were purchased.



12-segment accounts
Up to 99 periods per year
Simultaneous access to several years and periods


Manual entries
Entry correction
Recurring entries
Entry models
General Ledger report
End-of-period control list




By segment
By account
Budgets, commitments, results
Drill-down by level of detail

Budget cycle

Fixed and flexible budgets
Original and revised budgets
Budget authorization
Pro-forma balance sheet
Provisional statement

Financial Statements

Generated on-line